World Wide Prehistoric Artifacts

We are currently identifying and inventorying many artifacts to be  displayed for viewing by vistors to the museum.   l

  Here are just a few of our local fossil and rock formations to be displayed

Pottery collection in storage

 We will be displaying many types of Prehistoric pottery including Mississippian, Caddo, and Quawpaw from the midwest. As well as pottery from the southeastern and southwestern U.S.  

Contact us:  Phone: Cell: 573-406-2659

Pottery Sherds To Help Identify Pottery-

, Illinois Hopewell sherd

Nebraska / South Dakota sherd   Two simular yet different hopewell pottery sherds from Illinois.  

Wanted: Pottery Sherds from your area.

We are currently looking for sherds from all over the United States to add to our collection to help us in identifying different pottery types. If you have sherds that you would part with please let us know and send photos of them via email, ( We appreciate the help that we receive from others so that we can help collectors identify their artifacts for free over the internet.