World Wide Prehistoric Artifacts

This page will try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about artifacts. If you don't find your question here please email and we will answer it promptly as possible. ( We are currently remodeling an antique building and deciding what new displays we will have room for. )

 How old is my artifact Artifacts can be  placed in one of  9 cultural time periods. Their approximate dates are as follows: 

 Paleo: ca. 11,500 -10,000 B.P (Before Present) .  Late Paleo: ca. 11,00 - 10,00 B.P.  Transitional Paleo: ca. 10,500 - 9,000 B.P. Early Archaic: ca, 10,000 - 7,000 B.P.

Middle Archaic ca. 7,500 - 4,000 B.P. Late Archaic: 5,000 - 3,000B.P. Woodland: ca. 3,000 - 1,300 B.P. Mississippian ca. 1,300 - 400 B.P. Historic ca. 450 -170 B.P.

These dates can vary and are for the United States. Artifacts found in other countries have different time periods as their cultures developed at a different rate than those here in the U.S. They should be used only as a guide as information becomes updated by new knowledge frequently.

As far as  your artifact there are a couple of things that help determine time period. The style or type of artifact and if an arrowhead possibly the type of flint it is made of  heated or raw.

How much is my artifact worth? Many things go into determing the value of an artifact. We will try to just touch on a few on them here breifly.

The condition of the artifact, whether broken or damaged in some way. The size,( length) of your artifact. The material it is made of. The rareity of the item in that particular size and material. The workmanship on the artifact by the prehistoric person and the rarity of that on this particular artifact. Also the ability to get it authenticated as being prehistorically made. This is very important now since so many artifacts are being duplicated and then someone tries to pass them off as being anciently manufactured.

Where can I get my artifact authenticated?  We authenticate artifacts here at for people who are looking to sell their artifacts or keeping them as investments. The authentication is validated on a 8 x 10 paper with a large picture of the artifact on 1 side and a picture of both sides and information about the artifact on the other. The photos are no always actual size do to making it fit on the paper. We do charge $10 for this service plus you will also pay return shipping/insurance charges.  We do offer a free identifaction of artifacts for people via the internet if you would like to send a jpeg to us. Please put a coin in the photo so that we can tell its approximate size and any information you can about it.


Where can I sell my artifacts?  We offer brokerage services for people who have 1 artifact or a whole collection to sell. We can also help in the settling of estates by identifying and itemizing the collection for sale privately or through an auction house for which we can give refurals so that you can recieve top dollar for your items either way.

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