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Welcome To Arrowhead Museum - you can reach us via email or phone for consultations.


Above is one of our many new displays which will show thousands of artifacts.

We are currently looking for pottery chards from all over the US. If you have some that you would let go please contact us. (See our "displays in progress" page for more info.)

 Welcome to our Museum!'s on line museum was established in 2005 to help fill a void in the hobby for the services that a museum can give a collector.  We purchased an antique building to house our collections in the summer of 2013. We have just begun remodeling and  are currently in the process of creating displays to show online and
 BY APPOINTMENT  for private tours and consultations. We are planning for an early spring open house/meeting for those who are in the area as well as scheduling some shows where people can bring and share their collections with those attending.
 The goal of the museum has been to serve as many people as we can who are seeking knowledge and insight into the artifact collecting world. In keeping with our goals in helping collectors we have upgraded our site and have taken the most important request from you our veiwers and tried integrating them into the site the best we can.
We can provide a Certificate of Authenticity for arrowheads and other types of artifacts that we personally examine.  We charge only a small fee for this service and the return shipping cost. For larger collections we can make arrangements to visit with you in your home.
Thank you for vewing our site. We look forward to hearing from you in this new year.  A special thanks to all of the new people we have met and now are friends with and those that have donated and helped us thoughout the years.



                                To Contact us:

           Telephone:   cell:  Craig  573-406-2659    or  Tom  573-719-0636

 We are having auctions on .  Our next auction is Wednesday September 30th 

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                                           Send all written correspondence to : 


                                                 Craig Richardson   or  

                                                  Tom Richardson

                                                  P. O. Box 395

                                                 Perry, Mo 63462

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